Rent to Rent Intermediaries

We help you expand your portfolio!
Over the last years, vacation rentals and serviced apartments have grown in popularity across the world, so more and more people are investing in short-term rentals. But why do people tend to choose short-term rentals as a profitable and appealing investment?
At Keezark, we are ready to lighten your burden and take away the management distress. You might think that admitting an extra property manager in the game is not profitable and is just another way of money leaking. For your peace of mind, we operate in large numbers and also receive discounts from suppliers that lead to a significant reduction in the operational cost.

We are here to offer a helping hand to boost the turnover of your portfolio by offering free advice on which areas to focus on, in the cities we operate. Moreover, we keep your property on a high occupancy rate and drive more direct bookings by performing proactive sales. To fulfil all your requirements, we act flexibly and introduce some tailored services in a range of packages in which you are free to choose what fits your needs better.

Property Management Pricing Packages

Online Management

We handle the most important parts of your business, from advertising your properties on OTAs, to finance and revenue management and taking care of guest communications 24/7. Whether you’re new to the business or a professional, we’re here to take the load off your shoulders.

Remote Management

In addition to the primary management assistance, you need to keep your property in good conditions. Good news is, with our remote management plan, you can enjoy sufficient help in managing supplies and the cleaning and maintenance of your property.

Quality Assured

If you want to benefit from our never-ending services, this is the plan you should go for. Besides managing self check-ins, our team is ready to handle meet and greets. With our quality auditing and pro-active sales, there’s not a single thing you need to worry about. Sit back and relax. We take care of all aspects of your business!

Trust Keezark with the Management of Your Properties!

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We take a load off your mind!

It’s all about a passive income. We take care of everything for you, from listing to marketing, to revenue management and welcoming your guests. 

Hotel and Guesthouse Owners

We are here to help you stand out!

In a collaborative process, we can make a success story together amidst this crisis. Our team is ready to support you in any way to build a resilient business. 

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