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setting up Airbnb Wi-Fi- Keezark

How to Choose and Set-Up Wi-Fi Broadband in Your Airbnb

If you own or manage a property that is available to let for holidays or listed on Airbnb for short-term stays, it’s likely that your guests have an important expectation: connectivity. Is the holiday home connected to the internet, and does it have fast wireless broadband?  Choosing the right broadband package and setting up a

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A man working in a kitchen- Keezark

What Essentials Your Vacation Rental Kitchen Checklist Should Include

One of the main reasons guests choose a vacation rental over a hotel is taking advantage of a fully stocked kitchen. People prefer self-cooking during a trip to eat healthy food, follow their dietary plan, or even for the simple reason of saving money. This is also true that the pandemic situation urged people to shift

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vacation rental income calculator- Keezark

All You Need to Know About Vacation Rental Income Calculator

Whether you are a property manager or a landlord, you are always up to boost your business, put all your efforts into providing a superior guest experience, and perform a seamless operation. After all, what you want to know the most is how much profit and income you’ve earned, and you will earn from your

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3 Common Security Deposit Rules for Vacation Rentals - Keezark

3 Common Security Deposit Rules for Vacation Rentals

A security deposit is a refundable amount of money that serves as financial protection for property owners. Almost all vacation rental owners and operators implement security deposits to prevent revenue loss in the event of last-minute booking cancellation or property damages. Also, setting a security deposit is an excellent strategy to minimise possible tenant-related property

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vacation rental price optimisation- Keezark

Ins and Outs of Vacation Rental Price Optimisation

In a highly-competitive seasonal market like hospitality, your rental’s success depends heavily on the price, so as a property owner or manager, vacation rental price optimisation must be on top of your responsibilities, among the most challenging ones. Many highly-experienced short-term rental managers see their properties as prosperous and blooming. They are happy to have

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Property Damage- Keezark

How to Deal with Damaged Properties

Running a vacation rental business requires full-time attention. As a landlord, you should always watch out your properties while dealing with boosting your business and increasing your bookings. You know how negatively a damaged property can affect your profits; therefore, it is essential to identify the risk, prevent possible damages, and control or minimise the

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Pillows on a bed, vacation rental linen service- Keezark

5 Reasons Why You Need a Vacation Rental Linen Service

Outsourcing your housekeeping management to a professional cleaning company lets you rest assured that your cleaning standards and your guests’ expectations are met with no hassle. Nevertheless, as a vacation rental owner, you might have decided to self-manage your property’s cleaning tasks to make the most of your profits. Then, you must have a detailed

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Vacation Rental Taxes- Keezark

The Vacation Rental Taxes Fundamentals You Need to Know

Having a vacation rental home is pretty amusing! You not only spend some quality time with your family and friends in your second home but also generate some income to offset the property’s expenses by renting it out to guests when you do not use it yourself. With the help of OTAs, you can offer

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The significance of housekeeping management- A lady fixing the bed- Keezark

What Is the Importance of Housekeeping Management

When booking a vacation rental, cleanliness is definitely one of the primary concerns on top of each guest’s mind, and if not handled properly, it can turn to the key cause of most negative guest reviews. Therefore, your vacation rental business’s reputation, profitability and success rely heavily upon your housekeeping management. Guests choose to stay

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What Are the Most Significant House Rules for Vacation Rentals

What Are the Most Significant House Rules for Vacation Rentals

Not all vacation rental guests are charming and sweet, and not all are as nasty as the guests in Airbnb horror stories; however, you never know what’s in store for you and who your guests really are. As having a word before is worth two after, it is a must for every property manager to

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