5 Reasons Why You Need a Vacation Rental Linen Service

Outsourcing your housekeeping management to a professional cleaning company lets you rest assured that your cleaning standards and your guests’ expectations are met with no hassle. Nevertheless, as a vacation rental owner, you might have decided to self-manage your property’s cleaning tasks to make the most of your profits. Then, you must have a detailed list of house chores needed to get done before the guests’ arrival and laundering the linens must be one of your top priorities. How do you do the linen laundry for your vacation rental? Do you use a vacation rental linen service? Why not? Here are five reasons that you should.

1. Life Is Too Short to Spend Hours Doing Vacation Rental Laundry

A vacation rental with fresh spotlessly clean linen service and carefully-made beds has a more welcoming appearance; It feels more like home and removes the hassle of carrying extra luggage and bringing their own bedding. Besides, it can enhance the guest experience and generate more stellar reviews.

Owners who list their home with a property management company or make a contract with a professional housekeeping management service, always have their laundry washed and folded, the beds made prior to their guest’s arrival, and the fresh towels put in their places. In contrast, the hosts who self-clean the house have to carry out the stressful, tiresome job of vacation rental laundry by themselves.

Washing and ironing sheets and towels mean added time and expense and are the most difficult of all housekeeping chores, especially when you have back to back bookings. Washing and folding guests’ dirty laundry doesn’t have to be on the list of a vacation rental manager’s duties, as they have many more significant tasks to focus on. This is where a vacation rental linen service can take the load off your chest.

2. Doing The Laundry at The Property Can Cost High

Washing and drying your rental’s linen at the property requires a high capacity washer and dryer large enough to clean the bulky bed linens like comforters and make sure that you or your housekeepers don’t have to wait for the cleaner to finish its job to wash the next load. In addition, you have to pay for laundry detergent, fabric softener, stain remover, and dryer sheets, as well as the cleaning appliances maintenance and utility bills.

Besides all the expenses, doing the laundry on-site and getting the task done before the guests’ arrival is a great deal of stress.  Some hosts consider changing their timetables and have an earlier check-out or a later check-in time or put a one-day space between their bookings and block some dates to be able to wash and dry the linens and make the beds without much pressure. In this case, they will save up some money by doing the laundry by themselves; however, they might lose perhaps even more pounds as blocked days.

3. Doing The Laundry Off-Site Is a Great Pain

Taking the bags of guests’ dirty laundry home is a bitter pill to swallow for vacation rental managers. Besides, it requires having several new and stain-free bedding and towels -minimum two full sets of everything- in your rental’s inventory. This way, you can take the dirty linen home to be washed later and use another set for your coming guests. You not only have to pay a considerable sum of money to buy those sets and to replace them with new ones regularly but also must pay for the energy, detergents and pick-up costs.

4. Vacation Rental Linen Service Can Save You Time And Remove Your Stress

Vacation rental linen services offer to pick up the dirty linens and deliver the clean ones. So, you don’t need to be worried whether your laundry will be finished in time and the labor will be taken off your shoulders.

Some services even offer free scheduled pick-up and delivery services on a regular basis. You can put your laundry in a particular place like in front of the door to be collected and will receive the fresh ones on a specific time. Some vacation rental linen services even offer linen rentals, so you don’t need to keep an inventory of sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers, and blankets.

5. Vacation Rental Linen Services Do the Job Professionally

Dirty bed linens are among the most serious put-offs to guests, so they should not be overlooked and must be handled with extra delicacy. Vacation rental linen services are equipped with hotel-style large capacity washers and fast-drying dryers. They are experienced in stain removal and can provide you with hotel-quality clean linens and know how to treat the linens to keep them look great for a longer time.

Linens are considered one of the very basic amenities of a vacation rental, yet so much depends on them. As a property manager, you can’t do everything by yourself and have to pay for things to get done. Stay on top of your laundry and offer your guests a relaxing and convenient vacation by hiring a service to launder the linens and towels professionally. Find an affordable vacation rental linen service and don’t worry about the expenses. You can include linens at no extra cost or charge an additional fee for linens and receive what you pay your linen service.

5 Reasons Why You Need a Vacation Rental Linen Service

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