How to Choose the Best Housekeeping Software for Vacation Rentals

Guests always want to stay in a neat and clean place, somewhere that brings them the feeling of home even for a one-night stay. How to define cleanliness standards of vacation rentals, as well as trying to apply them flawlessly, leave a direct impact on guests’ satisfaction. Therefore, to get positive reviews and gain loyal clients, you as a host may start admitting the importance of professional cleaning services and housekeeping software for vacation rentals.

To stay on top of all vacation rental cleaning duties, automating the process seems necessary. Therefore, housekeeping software comes to your help by easing the connection with cleaning companies and remotely supervising the process. Likewise, you may need to follow some points while looking for the best housekeeping software.

First, let’s agree that there is no single cleaning software that suits all types of rentals. Considering your property’s location and also your cleaning standards, there are a variety of professional cleaning service providers. Below are some tips and facts you may find useful while searching for a cleaning tool tailored to your needs and expectations.


Working with a housekeeping platform or software will become part of your daily tasks sooner or later. Therefore, choosing an easy-of-use tool that offers various facilities is essential. The ability to send direct messages to cleaners in case of special last-minute updates or emergencies is a useful feature for cleaning and housekeeping software for vacation rentals. Also, the tool should give you the opportunity of tracking the cleaning status and also completed jobs simple and easy.

Applying some changes into the platform should be available for landlords to, for example, create or edit cleaning schedules, and add or remove checklist’s items. Furthermore, for proprietors’ peace of mind and to assure its results match their expectations, providing a photo-based inventory could be practical. The software can go further and offer cleaners the ability to upload real-time pictures either for quality check or possible reporting damages discovered during turnovers.

Another critical point that we don’t like to pass over is that the genuine user-friendly software must be cloud-based. The “cloud” accepts the bulk of data in a secure place and allows you to share and reach them remotely through any device, like your PC, laptop, tablet, and smartphone. Hence, you can simply save a history of your work and track your property housekeeping operations any time anywhere.

Vast Integrations

As a vacation rental owner, you might use a property management system (PMS) and a channel manager for automating your work. An advanced housekeeping software should possess the ability to integrate with other systems, including property managing platforms, to bring about a seamless vacation rentals operation. In other words, a housekeeping tool would be advantageous when it can readily share data with relevant systems and doesn’t silo off from your PMS. Thus, scheduling guests’ turnovers and synchronisation of calendars would be applied fast, accurately, and automatically.

Payment Security of Housekeeping Software for Vacation Rentals

Offering contactless and secure payment is another factor that must be considered while picking a cleaning tool. The housekeeping platform or software for real state industry must be integrated with a highly secured payment service provider to prevent possible fraudulent uses. And also the software should be planned to manage payments in a way to be done only when the cleaning is complete.

Onboarding and Training

Working with sophisticated software for the first time needs help and more importantly training. In picking a housekeeping tool, you may consider if your provider suggests a supporting plan for straightforward onboarding and full training since any software has a unique procedure. Furthermore, accessing a free trial or a demo could be an excellent option, providing this opportunity to become more familiar with all the software’s features and services. Therefore, you wouldn’t spend your money and time on the wrong tool and will start your work with more confidence.

Reviews and Ratings of Housekeeping Softwares for Vacation Rentals

Last but not least, you can’t judge a book by its cover. There are always some hidden facts behind any good and well-prepared service. The real performance of the cleaning platforms you are willing to work with can be figured out through ratings, as well as via the reviews of previous customers and current clients. Reviews are words of experience through which you obtain valuable information that help you choose the best.

To make a long story short, you must consider various essential factors in choosing the best housekeeping software for vacation rentals. As a vacation rental owner, you might find picking the best housekeeping software a bit tricky and more rigid than you think. But hang in there. Another choice that is always on the table is to get help from property managers. We recommend giving them the benefit of the doubt as they are professionals in the field and know what service from which company suits you better.

How to Choose the Best Housekeeping Software for Vacation Rentals

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